About Beautiful You

“Beautiful You” is a program that focuses on helping women and their families living with cancer. Our aim is to provide practical, financial or emotional support. We want to help families lead a normal life and try to make a difference no matter how small.

The programs aim is to raise funds and receive donations from individuals as well as businesses. The donations and fundraisers go towards helping women with breast re-construction if they are struggling financially.

Beautiful you program is managed by founder Debbie Clayton. Debbie started this program 4 years ago in memory of her mum who lost her battle with breast cancer. So this is her way of helping others.

A little about Debbie Clayton
My name is Debbie Clayton and I live in Buderim on the sunshine coast.
Ten years ago I lost my mum to breast cancer and in the last 4 years I have finally been able to deal with others that are going through this terrible disease.

I have my business Healing Art Therapies on Buderim. I am a clinical masseuse and have been massaging for 11 years.

” Since losing my mum I really want now to be able to help others with cancer as we never know when someone close to us maybe diagnosed.”

Once a month I have a morning called “BEAUTIFUL YOU” that I have started for women that are going through cancer. These mornings are free to these ladies.

They get to try on wigs, have their skin care and makeup done and get hand and foot massages. We also have painting mornings and craft . It is a real fun morning, lots of laughs which is the best therapy the best part is to see the smiles on their faces that were not there when they arrived for the mornings. These ladies also get to meet others and exchange phone numbers and become good friends. Also I have a pilates instructor that comes in to train these ladies as it is important while going through chemo and radiation to help release toxin.

“My ultimate dream is to set up a retreat for those who are going through cancer and their families where they can come and stay and have the luxuries that so many of them cannot afford.”

Alot of these women that I am meeting are in their early 30’s with very young children, what brave and beautiful women they are. They have such a positive outlook on life. My only way of doing this is to find an angel investor that can help these women.

My work is very rewarding so to be able to set up my dream would be fantastic. The feedback from the ladies that I have met over the years that are going through cancer have said this would be fantastic.